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Ah ok, leave me in then! Only events for adults.

Arctic Wolves - Operation Winter Mist - VAGALUME

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Only Captioned events. Most Liked Posts. Feb 28, Post 1 of The two hoped a balance would form between the two but opposite happened.

Dirthak grew hungry for power. Taken by suprise Likalea and the wolves were almost wiped out but managed to survive due to a wolf called Ignairus. He and a few other wolves managed to save them. Likalea to reward them granted them a power.

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She gave Ignairus the right to start the Wolves of the Mist. A group of wolves who have special powers.

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Now Dirthak is rising up agian. Will he be stopped by the Wolves of the Mist or will Dirthak and the Wild Dogs rule the light and the dark? Last edited: Mar 2, Feb 28, Post 2 of Mar 1, Post 3 of Mar 1, Post 4 of They only wish to bring on pain and misfortune to others, and are evil and should be avoided. All spirits can not interfere directly with living wolves, so they do so through other ways. Sometimes they send dreams or prophecies.

Wolves Of The Mist Devious Folder

Rarely do they visit. Some wolves, actually have the ability to see, or visit certain spirits. Perhaps they were very close before, or by some other way, connected. Rouges are wolves that were expelled from their old packs. Some are murders, others traitors, but all have a bounty on their head. And they are constantly hunted by the Banchos.

These wolves are pure evil, and there is no limit to the amount of treachery they commit. It is best for all to stay clear of these rouges, and only the bravest, most skilled Banchos should enter their territory.

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Banchos are the bounty hunters. They receive requests by other wolves to hunt down rouges and capture or kill them. Banchos may be part of packs or live in Bancho territory. They receive points from capturing rouges, and those points then earn them new territory and bring them up in ranks. Loners prefer to keep to themselves for whatever reason. Some ran away from their old packs, others are just to shy and uncomfortable around lots of wolves, so they want to be alone.

Loners typically leave each other alone and live solitary lives, but some times they do make friends. Beyond the wolf packs is a human city, but residents here have bizarre things about them as well. Some residents are werewolves, others are witches or vampires, and there are even some with element powers or other unique abilities. There are slayers, people who believe that the fantasy creatures should all be exterminated, and there are scientists who want to experiment on all of these strange residents.

Unfortunately it is often hard to experiment on werewolves and such, so scientists often capture powered wolves instead. Even wolves without powers are in danger near Silver Moon, because there are always hunters looking for something to shoot. Humans and human like creatures live together in the city, but fear each other. Will they manage to live in harmony, or will chaos break loose? Here are the rules that apply to all of the websites attached. There may be specific rules for different sites but these are the basic rules general for every site attached to the main site of mistwolvespack.

Cursing is highly discouraged, and if you know there is a younger member present, even the least offensive of curse words should not be used. If you are in a more advanced role-play with members that you know are more comfortable with such language, the rules will be a bit more lenient, but under no circumstances should extreme curse words be used to any swear words be used to insult other members.

There may be violence and other content not appropriate for all ages. Since these chat boxes are open to everyone, I cannot control what is posted, and sometimes people that aren't even part of the site will post something that is not appropriate. Just try to be aware of what areas may have more inappropriate posts and avoid them. Other characters belong to other people and you cannot use them.

That is called power playing. You may not say how someone's character acts or responds to something, that is for the per of that character to decide. You may also not make your characters invincible. While powers are allowed, they should be limited, and weaknesses should also be included.

No one is flawless, even superman has his kryptonite. Some characters will have their names in pink on the page with their character description. This means that the person who role-plays them will allow them to be killed off, but you must still ask that person for permission. Those with names in red are for anyone to role-play and kill off as they please. Lastly, those who have no special color are not listed to be killed, but the role-player may still chose to kill them off. If they make that decision, they will let you know it is okay to kill their characters. Also, once a character is killed they may not come back to life unless by an extreme circumstance in which you have received my permission to bring them back.

Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist
Wolves In The Mist Wolves In The Mist

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