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The 4th and 5th brigades, combined with their Navy ships, made up the largest amphibious task force carrying Marines since the Inchon landing in during the Korean War, according to Staff Sgt. Mike Stroup, a spokesman for the 5th Brigade. Besides, the military estimates that there were 40, enemy mines along the Kuwaiti beaches, and a carpet of mines offshore to destroy ships. Finally, on Feb. They can carry 76 tons of equipment, plus Marines, and reach a speed of 46 m. Boomer said he had wanted to bring the Marines ashore earlier, but was reluctant to stop the charade that had kept so many Iraqi troops bound to the coast.

The brigade speeded inland, securing supply routes and the Al Jabber airfield in Kuwait, then running into Iraqi resistance in the Al Wafra Forest area just south of Kuwait City, where two Marines were wounded. One of them, Cpl.

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Brett Doggett of Orange County, lost one foot and part of another when he stepped on a mine. No other unit conducted both an amphibious landing and ground operations. One brigade veteran, Gunnery Sgt. It was a double role nobody else did. Herrera, as part of a truck supply convoy, recalls his horror as he sent three Marines--not actual infantrymen, but cooks and the like--on the dangerous assignment of checking whether Iraqi soldiers were hiding in a trailer.

He had heard stories of allied troops getting killed or injured by friendly fire, so when he saw a Marine armored vehicle charging toward his three troops, he panicked. I was almost in tears. It turned out that the armored vehicle, its machine gun at the ready, was racing toward the three Marines not to shoot at them but to give cover fire if needed. Davis remembers distant firing and 10 overeager Marines charging pell-mell into the woods in search of Iraqis and an unhappy lieutenant having to plunge after them to round up his troops.

Perhaps the single most vivid memory was the smoke and darkness from the hundreds of oil wells the Iraqis sabotaged. But they seem satisfied with their footnote to military history. But Herrera believes the camaraderie and the team effort was a heady experience. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Resurfacing, I watched Raven tread across from me in the water, droplets dripping down from his face.

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Once again, I felt as though his eyes were burning a hole into me, melting my walls down and looking straight into my soul. Hear me out, when I ask you to come back. There have been these attacks recently by a group that calls themselves the Black Wolves. Nobody knows who their leader is; we only know that they're growing in numbers and seek to increase their power by terrorizing people. They're the ones who jumped Dylan. He got some information out of one and found out that they think you're my mate.

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They're after you now, and it's not safe for you to leave until I can get my agents to spread the word that you're not my mate. Even then, I hope that you'll stay for the year until choosing to go back A drop of water had made its way to my top lip and I felt it roll onto my bottom.

He watched its movement with precision. Involuntarily, my tongue swiped out to lick the pooled water off my bottom lip. Clenching my exposed thighs together for a second, I squeezed my eyes shut. Having had enough of him today, I swam past him and hauled myself out of the water, trusting him not to turn. I changed into my wolf and waited for Raven to join me. He stood next to me a few seconds later, and this time, I surveyed him in his wolf form.

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He was towering, as most Alphas are. His midnight black fur looked soft to the touch and his navy eyes stood out against the whites of his eyes. He was even more striking as a wolf, I thought. Waves of power radiated from him, but I wasn't to be intimidated. I raised my snout and howled long and hard into the night, letting some of my frustrations slip away. When I looked back, I realized he was examining me too. An emotion clouded his eyes. Before I could begin to understand what he was feeling or thinking, he looked away.

Anyone watching would've thought we were just two mated wolves, enjoying a night out. This wasn't how she was supposed to find out.

Quiet Deception

I had let her go; I didn't have time for hormonal girls like her. Why would she think I was going to use her for sex? Here, I thought I was saving her from her Father. Through the door, I heard Mom's voice calling me. I walked back into her room. She'll be gone before you know it.

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She's the first girl outside of this pack who isn't afraid of you. Maybe she has a death wish," I said with a snort. Ignoring those rumors is hard. It's easy to succumb to what other people are telling you.

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I mulled over what she said as I made my way out of the room. Mom called out after me, "Please go get her, Rave. She's probably scared of all of this. Closing the door, I walked out of the house, shifted, and ventured out to find her. How had she managed to find it? Only Mom and I knew about this place. There was a magical air to it; it gave off bad vibes to those who ventured by, causing them to turn back.

But it called to me right before my twentieth birthday. Maybe it had done the same to her, but why? Strolling in, I came to an abrupt stop. She was in the water, her bare back glistened due to the water. I forced my hands into a fist to control myself.

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Her head turned slightly and I jumped into the water Her wolf was strength, power, beauty. Her white fur shone against the dark night. I think she needed this run, this freedom more than I did.

Quiet Deception Quiet Deception
Quiet Deception Quiet Deception
Quiet Deception Quiet Deception
Quiet Deception Quiet Deception
Quiet Deception Quiet Deception
Quiet Deception Quiet Deception

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