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Core values Open Phantom is free to use, download and redistribute under the terms of the GPLv3 license.

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Modular Phantom is built in small, re-usable modules, making it easy to add new physics to the code. Modern All modules are written in modern Fortran and we enforce strict adherence to the very latest Fortran standards. Lean We strive for a low memory, high performance code with as few options as possible. Tested Phantom contains a comprehensive testsuite that runs nightly. Re-useable We aim to never repeat code. Download Phantom is free and open source, and may be obtained either by downloading a stable release tarball , or from the git repo. Documentation Documentation is maintained on the wiki.

Subscribe The easiest way to keep up with Phantom developments, get in touch with the developers or get help on newbie issues is to join the phantom slack channel. Phantom-announce is a low traffic read-only list for release announcements: Subscribe to Phantom announcements Email:. Contribute We welcome and encourage contributions to Phantom development.

Wicked Pissah, 30 Shot. Wolf Pack Doublestar, 24 shells. Boom Shockalocka Shell Kit, 12 shells. Scatter Bug, 16 shot.

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Bazinga Blast, 7 shot. Fiery Discus, 16 shot. Assault Squad Mortar Fire, 12 shells. Palm Pyro Pageantry Premier, 25 Shot. Grucci Panoramic Spectacular, 27 Shot. Utter Amazement, 20 Shot.

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Entire Fireworks Inventory Excluding Assortments. Click Here. If it is possible to do so, our results show that a translation using phantom types exists.

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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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Once more he starts, turns in a flash because he wants to protect himself against the phantom behind him, and - vanishes. Daily checks by radiographers on the unit can be done quickly and easily with a cube phantom which assumes the couch to be level. The researchers developed a standardized protocol using different imaging machines, utilizing both a structural and a living phantom to calibrate the machines. Panning over the scene, the camera glides towards a place where the movie's acousmatic phantom will be caught within the safest vessel of all.

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One centre indicated that they investigated large errors by means of phantom set-up. This study was experimental and performed using a cylindrical phantom. This " phantom types" technique, where user-defined restrictions are reflected in the constrained types of values and functions, underlies many interesting uses of type systems. The dual phantom of the side-by-side complex cussedness and orderliness of nature has been in vogue from early times.

Using a suitable phantom , it is possible to assess a number of standard image quality characteristics.

Central African Republic: Anatomy of a Phantom State

For a bidder the auction system offers an optional " phantom " bidding service, called proxy bidding, which is equivalent to initialisation of a buying agent. The phantom includes a 'flood field' module for image uniformity assessment. His generosity prompts an incredible event: the mysterious reconnection of the dead body-part to a phantom form. It is not an implausible position on its own, but it seems to be in conflict with the case of paralyzed phantom limb patients.

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See all examples of phantom. Translations of phantom in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool.

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