Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)

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If not always for our benefit… Because this work focuses squarely on the where and when the creators perceive that democracy itself was painfully birthed: BC in Athens. All is told through the fictional eyes of Leander, an idealistic young man whose eyes are dramatically opened to the power struggles of the not-so-great or good with the death of his father in a riot. Anyway, what is painfully apparent from reading this is that no one back then was involved for purely altruistic reasons. Manipulation, spin-doctoring, blackmail, rigging of elections, intimidation, murder, all were prevalent, perhaps even tacitly accepted as merely part of the process by those involved.

In a word, politics, of the dirtiest possible kind, is what was practised at the time. You can make a case for saying that nothing much has changed over the years, even in our civilised Western democratic societies. Just perhaps the scale of these malpractices has been ratcheted down, replaced by an ever more devious sophistication and accomplished concealment.

Buy Democracy and read the Page 45 review here. Sometimes comics really do send your brain moving in the strangest directions. Anyway, I mention this purely because your mind will undoubtedly be bent into a similarly distorted state by this next issue of 8HOUSE featuring the titular Kiem. Who whilst she might not have anything to with the removal of facial, or indeed garment-based, hair, is rather good at eliminating aliens.


By mind control, utilising the body of her long dead twin who is orbiting a strange object far, far away, along with a whole army of such desiccated puppet warriors…. If there really is some master design that Brandon and the other writers have to make it all one coherent time-spanning, space-stretching story. Surely not, it has to be a simple conceit to allow the telling of diverse stories with beautiful art by Brandon and his chums.

Penalta, must have a mild fetish for Deepo, ingestor of the THE INCAL and dispenser of deep wisdom, who also happens to be a seagull, as there are a fair few flocks floating around the vast, desert cityscape. Including two I have just noticed on the cover nesting atop the inverse, eight-shaped stone duolith our hero is passing through!

Most odd.

Ha ha, how appropriately surreal. Anyway, Brandon pens a great teasing opener of an issue here before, I note, he will pass on writing duties to other people, and fresh artists once again. I really hope we do return to the Arclight and Kiem stories before too long, they are both too good not to be continued. But as I say again, how it all fits together, if it does, goodness only knows?! Buy 8House 3: Kiem and read the Page 45 review here.

Night after night Jessica wanders around from bar to bar drinking whatever she can and sleeping with whoever will have her. She wakes up in the morning and hates what she did, so she wanders around from bar to bar, drinking as much as she can and sleeping with whoever will have her. Just to feel something different.

Men and women hire her to find their spouses or find them out. One guy is cheating on his missus not with a woman but with multiple men whom he meets online and if you think these chat-room exchanges have been edited into something more acceptable to the average, American and easily outraged male Marvel reader, please think again! This goes double for employing P. You may not like what you find. Michael Gaydos employs the same repeated panels Miller utilised there but to different effect as Jones listens to her clients witter on. She finds the sister safe and well but visited at night by a broad-shouldered blonde bloke whose pager receives a call-out at 2am.

Is he a doctor?

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As should Jessica. They have private lives. Complicated by sex. See above for first two pages, then…. This is a series about accepting your limitations without being bullied by them, recognising your real strengths, looking forward not back, and going with the risk of letting new people in. What are you doing out here, Tugger? Bion… possible sighting over Twayne Tower, October. What is it? Seriously Teddy, I really want to know.

We all cross-reference and correlate our findings online. Poor old Tugger, I mean Teddy.

You can well imagine why his tormentor Ray has given him that nickname. Meanwhile, Mie and her best friend Diane have a seemingly slightly unequal relationship too. Our gang do find him eventually, stood shocked and distraught over the beaten up dead body of a superheroine bearing the Plutona symbol on her costume. Great opener from Jeff as he sets up what are presumably most of the main characters, their typical teenage social dynamics, and also builds the intrigue to fever pitch by the finale.

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I really have no idea where he is going to with this, so much so I just had a peak at the Diamond solicitation information for issues 2 and 3, which gave absolutely nothing away!!! Consider me hooked! Buy Plutona 1 and read the Page 45 review here. I was hooked.

Ha, the above quote comes from an excellent foreword by Mark Sexton, long-time collaborator with George Miller and co-scribe of these tie-in comics.

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I have to say I retain a similar affection for the first Mad Max film, which I saw at a similar age. It remains a very firm favourite of mine to this day for relatively inexplicable reasons. Anyway… when I heard the long-gestating Mad Max Fury Road was finally going to hit the screens, I mean what, this sequel had been talked about for practically thirty years? I was excited enough that I simply had to make a rare cinematic outing myself.

Even so, it had practically gone off by the time I managed to see it, and in the interim I had heard nothing but near-universal, indeed breathless, praise. My expectations were high.

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As action films go, it was rather good. So, these comics are basically prequel material showing how the main supporting characters — Furiosa, Immortan Joe and Nux — rise to prominence and how Max eventually happens to cross their paths. There have been a few comics in recent years actually that have apparently enhanced the cinematic experience. So, tie-in comic material can work well, if done properly. These are fun enough, I most enjoyed the Immortan Joe and Nux tales, actually, I felt they genuinely added something to the milieu, though the Max and Furiosa ones felt a tad spurious.

Batman Beyond 2. Includes Will Kirkby art! I once dreamed that Page 45 had relocated to a cathedral, its pews our comic shelves. Now I discover there is actually a bookshop in a church in the Netherlands. Please see below! The entire room is ours and entry is free! Ask for recommendations tailored to YOUR specific tastes! Do bring a camera: I promise you a spectacle! Entry is free, no tickets required but please turn up on time to avoid disappointment. Books on sale reviewed with interior art :. Follow us on Twitter pagefortyfive as other creators pop in to draw free, impromptu sketches like last year!

Oooh, graphic novels! Craig has effectively curated your stay! The Immonens are amazing! To enter: simply email page45 page Lakes Festival Saturday Events in full! Lakes Festival Sunday Events in full! Page 45 is the executive sponsor of the British Comics Awards. Page 45 won the first award for Best Independent Retailer in Nottingham Page 45 won the Best Independent Business in Nottingham That was pretty sweet.

Thank you! This is a perfect example of how to do a gripping all-ages read. Particularly the snobbery of those, adults and kids alike, who think they are a cut above Violet and her hard-working parents, who despite their best efforts are constantly struggling financially and battling against a system that seems determined to keep them in their place. Which is on a battered old space ship moored up in the equivalent of a trailer park.

Happily for Violet, her dad is proving far less digestible to the blubbery behemoth in question so a happy ending is assured, but not before Violet and her collection of odd-ball cohorts, all social outcasts in their own ways, have several perilous escapades en route to rescuing him! The rich, vibrant storytelling is a delight to immerse yourself in.

There is not a millimetre of space wasted. For example, the backgrounds on space station are filled with gantries, walkways, airlocks, random aliens of every shape and size!

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What comes across so strongly is just how much Craig must love drawing, because the sense of fun and glee apparent in practically every panel is, again, a pleasure to observe. Buy Space Dumplins and read the Page 45 review here. The competition is equally fierce here and the imagination brought to bear on the book no less thrilling. For if you thought that the Arctic was a vast expanse of featureless, flat ice, oh no! This is a True Winter in which waves flash-freeze in a second and Sarah had created the most luminous icescapes out of giant, white, jagged and crystalline shards juxtaposed against backdrops of majestic, sweeping curves and aquamarines which manage to be both warm and sub-zero at once.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Trillium Classics)

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