Metal vs. Wood Bats

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How a Baseball Bat Is Made

Why Aluminum Bats Can Perform Better than Wood Bats

The motion is similar to jumping on a trampoline: when you land on a trampoline, the bottom of the trampoline bends against your weight, and then springs you quickly back high into the air. Wooden bats are too hard and dense to have this "trampoline motion. And lastly, aluminum bats have a larger "sweet spot" than wooden bats do. The sweet spot is the area of the bat that causes the ball to travel the fastest and farthest. Since aluminum bats have this larger sweet spot, it is easier to hit balls that go farther and faster than it is with a wooden bat.

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And finally, I have attached a website that further explains a lot of what I have said. Hope this answers your question! Answer 2 The amount of momentum transferred to the ball is the same; what may depend on material is the force per unit time. However, I don't know the material properties of aluminum relative to those of wood or what kind of wood.

Wood Bats Don’t Lie

How much harder an aluminum bat would hit a ball compared to a wooden bat? Answer 1: My name is Mike. The list of questions goes on. Everyone loves being able to knock the ball outta the park for a home run. Home runs or not, you can still be a major player for your team by understanding your role as a contact hitter.

Contact hitters will:. The best type of bat for a contact hitter will be one that is balanced with weight distribution throughout, allowing for all of these goals to be attained. If this is you, you likely:.

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The best bat for power hitters is an end loaded bat that allows you to hit the ball farther. The difference between end loaded and balanced softball bats is the weight distribution.

Wood vs. aluminum baseball bats: Why the difference is game changing | UNC-TV: Science

This is because there is more weight at the end of the bat, allowing the batter the chance to hit for more power, while sacrificing in bat speed. A balanced bat swings exactly how it weighs and allows for ideal bat speed and control.


Many leagues have switched to wood bats for reasons including safety and cost. The best wood bat for contact hitter practice is one that allows you to get greater speed through the zone.

Risk of injury to young players is at the heart of the debate.

The use of aluminum bats began in the s as an alternative to wood bats - they were touted as cheaper and more durable. The aluminum vs. Composite bats are lighter than aluminum and wood bats, allowing power hitters to reach their potential with each swing. Do you now know what kind of bats right for you?

Sport Science: Bat Performance

If so, head over to our online store and browse our selection of baseball and softball bats. For more useful pro tips, check out our other guides. Be sure to share this with your friends! Please wait Item added to cart.

Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats
Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats
Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats
Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats
Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats
Metal vs. Wood Bats Metal vs. Wood Bats

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