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Our increasingly complex world seems to elude our grasp. Global warming, beginning and end-of-life issues, the dizzying evolution of bio-technologies, the unequal distribution of wealth, heightened migratory pressures In response, we are tempted to make the moral life a self-legislating and isolated affair: "do what you want, as long as you do not put at risk the freedom of others". We thus reformulate the question of what is right and what is good.

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  4. Das Four Component Instructional Design Model (4CID-Modell) für BildungswissenschaftlerIn der institutionalisierten Beratung (German Edition);

This is not to say we are starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel. Rather, we will offer a course that allows you to encounter the most important ethical perspectives of our contemporary world: virtue ethics or perfectionism ; ethics of duty or deontology ; utilitarianism or consequentialism ; ethics of love or ethics of the gift. Everyone will thus have a chance to evaluate his or her ideas, to identify different approaches to the moral life, and to understand a range of perspectives on different situations that face us in our lives. Whatever your field of academic knowledge, your professional commitments or personal choices, this course presents key concepts for further analysis.

Therefore, we will alternate discussions of the founding schools of ethical thought, in their ancient and contemporary formulations, with cross-disciplinary issues and applied case studies. The goal throughout is to clarify ideas in order to better understand reality and orient human action. In a moment we will start our journey with the thought of Aristotle. His ideas are part of the school of thought that has been given the name of virtue ethics or eudemonistic ethics. After viewing the various videos, please read the chapters from the "Nicomachean Ethics" by Aristotle available at the bottom of this page.