Daughters Of The Silver Clan

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This presented a challenge when it came to translating the drawings into three-dimensional puppets. The challenge was to get them to have an other world quality, at the same time to be empathetic, because they go through a lot, and they are telling their story as our story.

Brian Froud only had to conceive of two Gelfling for the movie — the dark-haired Jen and the platinum-blonde Kira — but in the prequel series, he has a whole race of Gelfling to tackle and define within their respective clans.

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They have bigger ears and bigger eyes. Other Characteristics: A strong and proud, but gentle race.

‘The Dark Crystal’ Gelfling Guide: How to Tell the 7 Different Clans Apart

They eat glow moss found in the caves and also care for the nurlocs who tunnel there. Examples: Deet, her brother Bobbin, her two fathers, Maudra Argot. They are strong and tribal in their clan and they probably become more dedicated to the castle in that point of history as well. Residence: The mountains and cliffs along the northern coast. Physical Characteristics: Fair skin with white hair, often found elaborately braided Other Characteristics: Well-educated and cultured, but also believing themselves to be better than other Gelfling clans Examples: All-Maudra, Brea, Tavra, Seladon, The Librarian, Mira.

Residence: Swamp of Sog, mainly residing in the town of Great Smerth, which is named after an enormous tree at the center Physical Characteristics: Greenish tinge, gills and wings used for swimming. Incredibly strong.

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Other Characteristics: Fierce warriors. They have that quality to them, sort of colorful, pirate-like almost. Residence: Mainly at sea, but they live along the coastal villages of the Silver Sea, including the port of Cera-Na.

They also travel in a clanship named the Omerya, which is made of coral. Because consorts of crown princes, younger sons, and emperors were generally Fujiwara women, the male heads of the Fujiwara house were often the father-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, or maternal grandfather of the emperor. The family reached the peak of its power under Fujiwara no Michinaga — He was the grandfather of three emperors, the father of six empresses or imperial consorts, and the grandfather of seven additional imperial consorts; it is no exaggeration to say that it was Michinaga who ruled Japan during this period, not the titular Emperors.

As a result of these unusually strong familial links, Michinaga never took the title of Kampaku - he held more than the power that the position would bring, and had no need of the title. The Fujiwara Regency was the main feature of government of the entire Heian era. The Fujiwara, Taira , and Minamoto were among the most prominent families supported by the new military class.

In the ninth and tenth centuries, much authority was lost to the great families, who disregarded the Chinese-style land and tax systems imposed by the government in Kyoto. Stability came to Heian Japan, but, even though succession was ensured for the Imperial family through heredity, power again concentrated in the hands of one noble family, the Fujiwara. Family administrations now became public institutions.

Politics and Nation

As the most powerful family, the Fujiwara governed Japan and determined the general affairs of state, such as succession to the throne. Family and state affairs were thoroughly intermixed, a pattern followed among other families, monasteries, and even the imperial family.

As the Soga had taken control of the throne in the sixth century, the Fujiwara by the ninth century had intermarried with the imperial family, and one of their members was the first head of the Emperor's Private Office. Another Fujiwara became regent for his grandson, then a minor emperor, and yet another was appointed kampaku regent for an adult emperor. Toward the end of the ninth century, several emperors tried, but failed, to check the Fujiwara. For a time, however, during the reign of Emperor Daigo — , the Fujiwara regency was suspended as he ruled directly.

Nevertheless, the Fujiwara were not demoted by Emperor Daigo but actually became stronger during his reign. People and lands were increasingly beyond central control and taxation, a de facto return to conditions before the Taika Reform. Within decades of Emperor Daigo's death, the Fujiwara had absolute control over the court. By the year , Fujiwara no Michinaga was able to enthrone and dethrone emperors at will.

Little authority was left for traditional officialdom, and government affairs were handled through the Fujiwara family's private administration. The Fujiwara had become what historian George B. Sansom has called "hereditary dictators".

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The Fujiwara presided over a period of cultural and artistic flowering at the imperial court and among the aristocracy. There was great interest in graceful poetry and vernacular literature. Japanese writing had long depended on Chinese ideograms kanji , but these were now supplemented by kana , two types of phonetic Japanese script: katakana , a mnemonic device using parts of Chinese ideograms; and hiragana , a cursive form of kanji writing and an art form in itself. Hiragana gave written expression to the spoken word and, with it, to the rise in Japan's famous vernacular literature, much of it written by court women who had not been trained in Chinese as had their male counterparts.

Indigenous art also flourished under the Fujiwara after centuries of imitating Chinese forms. Vividly colored yamato-e Japanese style paintings of court life and stories about temples and shrines became common in the mid and late Heian periods, setting patterns for Japanese art to this day.

Ethical Kilts

Decline in food production, growth of the population, and competition for resources among the great families all led to the gradual decline of Fujiwara power and gave rise to military disturbances in the mid-tenth and eleventh centuries. Members of the Fujiwara, Taira , and Minamoto families—all of whom had descended from the imperial family—attacked one another, claimed control over vast tracts of conquered land, set up rival regimes, and generally broke the peace of Japan.

In the shadows of Dunderave

He also established an office to compile and validate estate records with the aim of reasserting central control. Rather than being banished, the Fujiwara were mostly retained in their old positions of civil dictator and minister of the center while being bypassed in decision making. In time, many of the Fujiwara were replaced, mostly by members of the rising Minamoto family. While the Fujiwara fell into disputes among themselves and formed northern and southern factions, the insei system allowed the paternal line of the imperial family to gain influence over the throne.

Military might rather than civil authority dominated the government. A struggle for succession in the mid-twelfth century gave the Fujiwara an opportunity to regain their former power. Fujiwara no Yorinaga sided with the retired emperor in a violent battle in against the heir apparent, who was supported by the Taira and Minamoto.

In the end, the Fujiwara were destroyed, the old system of government supplanted, and the insei system left powerless as bushi took control of court affairs, marking a turning point in Japanese history. Within a year, the Taira and Minamoto clashed, and a twenty-year period of Taira ascendancy began. The Taira were seduced by court life and ignored problems in the provinces. After this downfall, the younger branches of the Fujiwara clan turned their focus from politics to the arts, producing literary luminaries such as Fujiwara no Shunzei or Fujiwara no Teika.

The Fujiwara-dominated Heian period approached its end along disturbances of 12th century. This defeat marked the end of the Fujiwara's dominance. The political power had shifted away from the court nobility in Kyoto to the new warrior class in the countryside. However, Fujiwara princes remained close advisers, regents and ministers to the emperors for centuries, the family remained and political reputation and influence even until the 20th century such as Fumimaro Konoe and Morihiro Hosokawa , who became the Prime Ministers.

As such, they had a certain political power and much influence, as often the rival warriors and later bakufu sought their alliance. Oda Nobunaga and his sister Oichi were descended from the Taira and Fujiwara clans; regent Toyotomi Hideyoshi and shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu were related by marriage to the Fujiwara clan.

Imperial princesses were often married to Fujiwara lords — throughout a millennium at least. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Mon : Sagarifuji. Main article: Heian period. Main article: Fujiwara family tree. Fujiwara family tree.

In other words, there was no kuge court noble family called Fujiwara but a group of nobles who shared the same kabane Fujiwara. For more about names in Japan, see Japanese name. Population, Disease, and Land in Early Japan, Harvard University Asia Center.

Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan
Daughters Of The Silver Clan Daughters Of The Silver Clan

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