Born To Hate

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I am more than my sexuality. Not you, you're from the Caribbean. I'm black and so much more. My weird life with conservative parents. Start the conversation, even with youth! Which one: sushi, hamburgers, or both? My neighborhood was notorious for racism. Dark skin woman; I love me. The experience of White African Americans. Equality isn't found using guilt trips.

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  4. I'll experience this, hopefully they don't. Your words do not offend me! Cross street? Or smile? I'm sorry. I am an undercover Mexican. It's worse than you probably think. You came, you smiled, we loved. I will burn the house down.

    Songs Born from Love and Hate by NATIVE SUN on Spotify

    The house I did not build. Lizzie's Journey from Plantation to Farm. Newspaper says 'Black youths' not 'kids. Blacks won't let me be friendly. A brokenness often neglected, never forgotten. Western Michigan meets Korea near Chicago. Without my mask, I get ignored.

    Latinx, Strong, Loving, dedicated, happy, hardworking. I am black AND enough. Is systematic racism still around? Blue Eyes. Blonde Hair. White Privilege. I am not followed around stores. Stop saying not all white people. American is NOT a race. To us, there was no boundary to love. Love is blind- it sees NO color! Er-Race your thoughts on race. She is so cute!! Your daughter? I'm not just a Black Man. No way!

    I was born to preach hate, I chose to love

    You speak Spanish?! Self Identifying as Black.

    US Resident, please leave me alone! Look around before you judge someone. Deserves more than just six words. Afro-Latina, Loving, intelligent, strong, determine, spice. I love my mixed race kids!!! I'm gay; with pride and fear. Not all are kitchen workers.

    Am I Mexican Enough?

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    Mexican roots, come in all colors. What race? I am a Human Being. Ask how to help Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace.

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    Nationalism Is a Form of Love, Not Hate

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    Born To Hate Born To Hate
    Born To Hate Born To Hate
    Born To Hate Born To Hate
    Born To Hate Born To Hate
    Born To Hate Born To Hate
    Born To Hate Born To Hate

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