A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)

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An extremely dangerous crossing of the Nightwoods is also the only way to reach Riverrise.

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Inheritance Cycle : Du Weldenvarden, where the Elves have been living in hiding since the rise of Galbatorix. The forest's magic makes it one of the "safer" places in the books, but the magic of the elves is fading due to Galbatorix's use of Black Magic , and in order for the Elves to ensure their safety, Galbatorix must fall. Eragon also goes there for training in being a Dragon Rider.

The Ghosts themselves are marvelous at stealth, and Gaunt attributes it to their learning how to get around on their homeworld. They also contain a mysterious woman who makes predictions to Gaunt and lends him a car that just vanishes along with its keys when it gets them where they are going. Discworld : A recurring location throughout the novels is the Forest of Skund, an extensive stretch of wilderness known for having some of the highest levels of wild magic in the Disc. It is home to things such as gnomes who live in toadstools , reclusive shamans and talking trees, as well as the feared Five-Headed Vampire Goat at least before a passing Barbarian Hero happened to it.

It was also the birthplace of the legendary witch Black Aliss, whose gingerbread cottage is still standing in the forest. There's also Cutshade Forest in "Troll Bridge", which Cohen the Barbarian calls "proper darksome" and full of giant spiders The Reynard Cycle : The forest of Maleperduys has this reputation, and for good reason.

It's a literal maze inhabited by Wargs. Tales of the Fox , by Harry Turtledove , has the forest around Ikos, where strange things live, which has a mind or minds of its own, which doesn't necessarily care for people, and where roads only exist at the forest's sufferance.

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It can also make unwanted travelers vanish in unexplained but silently ominous ways. It's implied that the forest exists to protect the Oracle of Ikos, placed by the all-seeing god Biton. A Song of Ice and Fire has numerous examples: Most northern forests, especially those with weirwood trees growing in them, due to their association with the children of the forest and the old gods.

The most notable example would be the wolfswood, which takes up almost a fifth on the North as is home to a lot of A malevolent version would be the Haunted Forest beyond the Wall , home to barbarians , giants , prehistoric creatures, and the Others , as well as the last Children of the Forest. Further south there is the Kingswood, which is home to great boars, white deer , a legendary band of outlaws in the setting's backstory, and, later on, a Barbarian Tribe. Seen briefly in the first book is the Forest of Qohor, which takes two weeks to cross on horseback and houses numerous strange animals, such as lemurs and spotted tigers.

In Chivalric Romance , an ideal location for knights going on their quests. Green-Sky Trilogy is set in a benevolent version. The forest covers the entire world and is a friendly, nurturing place to the tree-dwelling Kindar people.

The Erdlings, who have spent many generations trapped underground, eulogize the forest as a lost paradise, but the first Erdling to escape from the caverns experiences the forest as both lonely and threatening at first. Harry Potter : The Forbidden Forest is home to centaurs , unicorns , a colony of giant spiders , and other magical beasts, to the point that students are punished by having to go in it at night.

Over the series, the Hogwarts staff also uses it as a way of disposing of dangerous magical creatures they no longer have a use for, which are typically just released within the forest. Deltora Quest : The Forests of Silence, which appear in the eponymous first book of the series, is a series of three forests with a bad enough reputation to be considered unusually terrifying even in a land heavily infested with monsters and horrors.

The first forest is home to a vicious monster called the Wennbar and to a tribe of creatures called the Wenn that worship it and bring it captives to eat, while the second contains a hidden grove where there grow flowers whose nectar gives eternal life. McKillip , the enchanted forest swallows up Talis. The Iron Teeth web serial's forests are haunted by many different types of dangerous monsters.

They are incredibly dangerous and a lot of people perish within them. Exactly how evil depends on whether the leshy like you. The Saga of Recluce has the Accursed Forest later Naclos , a sort-of-sentient being whose massive Order and Chaos flows tie all of its animals and plants together into a single entity. While no more dangerous to simply pass through than any other forest, it fights back with deadly force against anyone attempting to tame, cultivate or cut it. The Enchanted Forest Chronicles take place in an unpredictable, but usually benign, enchanted forest.

At least, the later three do; Dealing with Dragons takes place in the Mountains of Morning, where the dragons live. The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan, which takes place in a boarding school, has the Forest, a bizarre parallel world that some of the school's students can visit. It is inhabited by mysterious creatures like dogheads and whistlers, giant blackcap mushrooms and bloodsucking flowers, and a lot of other weird things. Septimus Heap : The Forest is this in spades , being a lawless wilderness well beyond the Castle's authority despite being literally across the river from it and home to carnivorous trees , packs of vicious wolverines, and the witches.

Stardust , by Neil Gaiman , has the "serewood", where the trees will eat you if you leave the path. Hexwood : The eponymous wood — either it's a small piece of wooded land near a housing estate where the local kids go to play littered with crisp packets, and you can see through to the other side in places or it's a vast forest containing a rushing river with waterfalls, caves, an Arthurian-style castle and dragons. Or both. And that's not all that's going on, either.

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Although surrounded by The Lost Woods , the valley itself is entirely empty, except for a great skeletal tree, a layer of animal bones, and something that wakes up when the sun goes down When Jenny returns seven years later , they swallow her as well. Glen Keene, before becoming a lead character animator at Disney, wrote a series of Christian children's books.

One of them was called Adam Raccoon in Lost Woods , and the eponymous forest was aptly named. Journey to Chaos : The Rose Forest is made of trees that are constantly watching its inhabitants. Every animal living here can wield magic and they don't take kindly to strangers.

Two Trees, Two Gods: Lessons From Eden and Beyond. Who Was the Serpent?

This is aside from the Always Chaotic Evil monsters roaming the area. When Eric first arrives in A Mage's Power , he would have died on three occassions if not for a local escort. The best part? This is not a "special magical forest". This is a "normal forest". There are some exceptions — a desert, a rocky underworld, a sea and an area of farmland all appear — but most of Fairy Land is covered in a deep, enchanted forest, teeming with fairies , spirits, and animated trees. She eventually allowed for one road to be built through it and for humans to collect some lumber; anything more, and people walk into the trees and never return.

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  • Chronicles of the Emerged World : The Forest, a thick and trackless wood that dominates the Land of the Wind's southern border. As most of the Land of the Wind is open prairie stretching out to the horizon, the Forest's thick vegetation and restricted sightlines are alien, claustrophobic and frightening to the Land's inhabitants, leading to the rise of numerous legends about the Forest being a dangerous place with vicious monsters lurking in its depths. In truth there's little in the way of danger in the Forest, and no actual monsters — but it is home to a large community of pixies, as well as a Father of the Forest.

    Live-Action TV. Doctor Who : In "In the Forest of the Night" , apart from having sprung up overnight instead of being older than memory, the forest takes on many aspects of the Lost Woods. At the end of the episode, the Doctor theorizes that the forest that features in myths and fairy tales is a remnant of a cultural memory of an earlier occasion when something like this happened.

    Each castle in the North contains a godswood, a grove of old-growth forest sacred to the old gods. The Blood Trees from episode 5 of MythQuest. Yuki-Onna, a snow demon, lives there.

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    Things went horribly wrong. For a realistic show with a setting in an honest-to-God real place, they managed to make it really creepy. Kingdom Adventure : The area under Zordock's influence is called the Dark Wood and is pretty sinister-looking, and is said to be full of dangerous beasts and next to impossible to escape alone. The protagonists also live in a forest, but it's a friendlier-looking one.

    Horror-punk band Calibretto's song "Don't Go in the Woods". It falls at the end of the mostly tongue-in-cheek Dead by Dawn EP , yet it's an oddly sincere song, with the narrator lamenting that he didn't warn his "baby" strongly enough to stay out of the woods. What happened is never explained, but "I fear I'll never see you again".

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    The Decemberists ' rock opera, The Hazards of Love, is set in woods such as this, ruled over by the dread Forest Queen. The Agapeland album Nathaniel the Grublet has Direwood, a spooky forest that causes any Grublet caught there after sunrise to disappear whether it effects anyone else this way isn't clear.

    It even has its own song, sung by Thurl Ravenscroft.

    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)
    A Greek God in Sherwood Forest (Two Trees Saga)

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