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The OMNI program includes physical assessments, stress reduction training, stop smoking classes, nutrition and weight control classes, first aid training, and more. Thorek Hospital and Medical Center was one of the first hospitals in Chicago to offer laser treatment for eye surgury and using that technology sees a high volume of patients with cataracts and other eye disorders each year. Michael P. Lipsich, M. Hyperthermia uses sophisticated microwave technology to deliver heat to a tumor site while avoiding the surrounding healthy tissue. When used in conjunction with irradiation A Supplement To The Lake Union Herald part of the "For a Healthier Life" series, outlining new microsurgery techniques, technological advancements in detecting eye disease, and development of the YAG laser.

Within the day treatment program for the mentally ill, Battle Creek Adventist Hospital has developed a program especially for people over the age of 55 called, "Seniors Only. Anything that is important to younger people, they have lost," says Therese Gunter, community relations director. In the future, the "Seniors Only" program will bring seniors together with adolescents providing both groups with support and friendship.

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The Adventist hospitals in the Lake Union are using innovative treatment and advanced medical techniques to restore health and to bring rejuvenation to many lives. Carter President of the Lake Union Conference Where does the Adventist Health System fit into the overall movement of the Church Our health care ministry is the right arm of the message. It is an entering wedge into communities large and small in the United States and around the world. We live in a physical world, in a world where people trust their senses things they can see, touch, and sense emotionally. As a Church our first contact with the masses of humanity, will have to be the one-to-one physical channels, those that deal with sight and touch and emotion, easing pain, bringing comfort.

Such opportunities are afforded daily at our Adventist health care facilities. At our hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement facilities, people come in physical contact with But our hospitals are not caring nurses, physicians, and solely confined to healing the other skilled practitioners. They are also deeply There are concommitted to Health care workers are stant opportupreventing "ambassadors for Christ" nities for those sickness of all engaged in kinds.

Medihealing the cal facilities sick. Hospital all Health care serve the comfacilities are in munities of a unique posiChicago offertion to answer these kinds of ing educational classes in perquestions. The patients, after sonal fitness, proper dietary receiving loving, Christian habits, no smoking, divorce care, are ready to hear who we recovery, grief recovery, avoidare, and our philosophy on life.

Chippewa his time here on earth, minisValley Hospital serves rural tering to those who were Wisconsin with a variety of infirmed, handicapped, and quality medical services. And broken down. As the Creator in Michigan, Battle Creek of man, he knew that hearts are Adventist Hospital and Trisoftened to receive the message County Community Hospital when first they have seen cartreat emotional, psychological ing in action.

Community leaders are truly appreciative of the work our health care facilities do. In my travels, when these community leaders discover I am connected with Adventists and Adventist health care, they light up. They tell me things like, "we really appreciate what you Seventh-day Adventists are doing. Adventist workers in these positions are ambassadors for Christ in the Spirit of Harvest 90 and have a unique opportunity to extoll the name of their Lord and Savior. Long-time member, Ruby Bradford, planned to bear her responsibility as a church member by attending the session.

The winter weather did not hinder Bradford since she walks nearly every day, even when temperatures hover around zero. But she said that it did seem an odd time for a business meeting.

When Bradford arrived at the meeting, she discovered that the only item of business on the agenda was her 90th-birthday celebration. Especially heartwarming to Bradford was the presence of her sister and family. They secretly had come to the party from the Madison area. As Altrogge interviewed Bradford, she recounted her life as a teacher and farmer's wife.

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She expressed particular pride in having recently passed the test to renew her driver's license. Bradford was born December 31, , in Indianapolis. She has been a productive member of the North Vernon family of believers since The church family congratulated Bradford for her past and future service for Christ.

As soon as one Ingathering campaign ends, she begins the next one. In , the church achieved its 7, goal by October 17 and had topped 8, by November Ruby divides the church goal into smaller goals and assigns them to each department. The cradle roll department of the Sabbath School is first on her list. Part of the success of Lushbough's plan is due to her artistic goal devices. The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles have both appeared on her goal charts that are displayed in the church lobby.

In , the church "put on the whole armour of God" Ephesians , piece by piece, as it progressed toward the goal. During the past five years, Lushbough has had cataract surgery, open-heart surgery and pneumonia. None of these health problems have weakened her enthusiasm because she does all things through Christ who strengthens her. Great-great-grandmother Mildred Gardner and her husband, Everett, support shut-ins and older members of the church.

Although both are in their 80s, the Gardners provide tapes of the worship service and Sabbath School quarterlies each week. Great-grandmother Marilyn Huston serves the church as personal ministries secretary.

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She has been involved for many years in conducting Bible studies in homes. She maintains a spotless church building and serves as interest coordinator. Lorrie Grubb and her husband, Aaron, recently moved near Bloomington. The denomination can look forward to service for God from a long line of workers from this family. Karen Lawson, Mrs. Marilyn Huston and Mrs. Mildred Gardner.

Carter called the Lake Union Executive Committee meeting to order at p. Steven P.

Vitrano and Eston Allen. This procedure will be used when a worker or conference believes that an injustice has been exercised and that there is a need to refer the problem to the conciliation panel of the Lake Union. Elder Luther R. The Lake Union Executive Committee had voted that the new Lake Region president present the conference plan to repay tithes and offerings owed the Lake Union and the General Conference since Because of the financial entanglements of the Lake Region Conference, a special financial consultant was called in to go through the records and find out where the conference stood.

This was done, and a full financial disclosure was presented to the union executive committee. Much documentation was given and a lengthy discussion followed as members waded through the material. Most questions were answered. Following this discussion, two actions were taken VOTED that the Lake Union Conference committee express appreciation to and confidence in Elder Palmer and his associates for developing a financial recovery plan for the Lake Region Conference.

Abiding by its responsibilities as outlined in the letter written by Elder Palmer to union and division presidents and the procedure as outlined by a special North American Division committee, dated February 9, ; B. Operating within their budgeted income and making additional budget cuts as necessary; and C. Adopting a constitution and bylaws in harmony with the General Conference model. This would require a special constituency meeting being called in the future. If the Lake Region Conference administration and committee take steps and implement their proposed recovery plan, which will be audited monthly by the Lake Union officers, the Lake Union will give its appropriation and the North American Division will appropriate , per year for the three-year period.

The three-day retreat will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Elder Jay Gallimore, vice president for development in the Michigan Conference, will present a seminar about business ethics on Friday. He will be assisted by Dr. Elder Loor is one of the denomination's outstanding speakers. Jay Gallimore is famous for his spiritual leadership and belief in prayer.

Inspirational music will be provided by Lisa Jardine and the Dan Houghton family. This is a weekend of fellowship, stimulating seminars and spiritual renewal. Workers met, December 7 through 10, in Washington at the General Conference health and temperance department auditorium. Bilingual presentations about drug awareness provided tools needed by Listen magazine personnel to give them credibility in the schools where they give classroom lectures. Instruction included new information about cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and AIDS.

Presenters discussed techniques for reaching people. A small but potent force, Listen workers talk to the thought leaders in society.

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Their contacts include business leaders, teachers, city and county officers and church leaders of all denominations. Listen workers are among the best paid workers in our denomination. Some earn from 40, to 50, a year while talking to thousands of young people. When this is completed, a force of dedicated workers will enlighten a nation in peril from within.

The health temperance department will supply up-to-date material, and the publishing department will direct activities. Dedicated workers are needed who can speak before a group of people and who are not afraid to contact businessmen. Dressed in winter coats, friends and family watched from shore. Miriam said that she wants Jesus to come soon because she hopes to be a child in Heaven. Workers organized the collection of food which was delivered before Thanksgiving to 19 families in the area. Harvey Hansen, communication secretary, reported that the group received a letter of thanks from an official in the County Welfare Department.

Mother and daughter, Clementi and Hoffman, are shown following their baptism, December 19, at the Oxford Church.

Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms
Nelson Pickrells Pickrellisms

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